Gift Giving Ideas Revisited: A Look Ahead To 2014

“Giving credit where credit is due is a very rewarding habit to form. Its rewards are inestimable.”

– Loretta Young

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

-Tony Robbins

This week is all about gift giving, so it has become the running theme in all my blogposts this week. I also want to take this opportunity to publicly thank and give credit to all of my readers and followers on my social channels, who have gifted me with their time and knowingly or unknowingly helped me grow as an entrepreneur and writer. The same can be said for all my mentors/virtual mentors, my real teachers and cyber-teachers, who have all helped me embark on this journey and share my stops along the way. The gifts of time and knowledge are the most rewarding and long-lasting presents a person can bestow on another. What other kinds of gifts are worth giving? What kinds of gifts are needed as well?

Want to know what gifts women really want all throughout the year? My latest Tumblr post, Giving Gifts Worth Giving, can provide you with some ideas, including a link to one of the funniest YouTube videos I’ve seen in a while. It’s about the differences in communication styles between men and women; a must see-especially at this time of the year! Want to know which gifts female entrepreneurs really need? My latest Huffington Post article lists six suggestions.

But what kinds of gifts will 2014 bring us; as human beings, as techies, as readers, and as entrepreneurs? Here is my 4 point roundup, which I have interpreted for you, using my NICE lens:

1. Startup entrepreneurs will need to methodically develop their digital footprint. How? By either getting virtual mentorship from or work more closely with, Social Media Strategists, a new kind of job description in another niche in eCommerce. This article explains why. In a recent Huffington Post article, Visualizing the Future of Social Media,  I explain why digital footprints need to be more meaningful.

2. Physical books will still matter, even in our Digital Era. This was said about What’s the Future of Business by Brian Solis, in this blogpost worth reading, The Future of Business is Creating Meaningful and Shareable Experiences. Why? Because reading matters. Thought leadership matters. Virtual Mentorship matters. Enriching one’s inner landscape, understanding of ideas, and takeaways all enhance a person’s skill set and Theory of Mind. Wouldn’t it be great if people said the same thing about my upcoming book, The NICE Reboot? Please consider buying my book for the working women in your life, for the wannabe entrepreneur fresh out of college, for the men working with women on promoting entrepreneurship, and for your inner child and student of behavior. Please consider writing a review on Amazon, sharing the book with friends and family, and giving a shout out about it on your social channels. I’ll thank you and give you credit on mine! Thanks!

3. The iEra will continue to spawn customized technological advances. Where? There will be an increase in tech trends such as “mobile fragmentation”, “wearable devices” and “contextual computing” so that personalized tech use becomes more of the norm. What does this really mean? This article by ZDNet explains. This blogpost from my Tumblr blog, Technology is a Tool to Methodically Wield to Foster Creativity explains some more.

4. The struggle to balance humanity and technology will continue. When? This struggle will shape our cultural trends and the future generation’s economic reality; the way we think, act, implement our workflow, adjust our work/life seesaw, and formulate habits. Jason Womack provides Three Secrets to Develop Better Habits in Entrepreneur. I wrote about on Tumblr, that is applicable, and can be accessed here.

I think we are living in truly exciting times where possibilities and opportunity will exponentially grow and continue to evolve in unexpected and pleasantly surprising ways. I look forward to seeing more of us, especially women, tap into our potential to succeed financially, blossom socio-emotionally, and orchestrate change; economically and culturally. Here’s to 2014! May we unwrap a myriad of gifts for ourselves and each other! May we give and be given gifts that are meaningful, educational, entertaining, profitable, and interesting; in a good way, starting NOW!

Life is a journey…..Enjoy the ride!






About penina4niceinitiative

Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH, CEO of Socially Speaking LLC, is the author of "The NICE Reboot: A Guide to Becoming a Better Female Entrepreneur". She is an Autism specialist and educational technology consultant turned social entrepreneur. She is also a pediatric speech therapist and the creator of the Socially Speaking™ Program & iPad App. Her second book, "Autism Intervention in the iEra" was published in 2015. Since 2010, Penina has been a national/international speaker about social communication development, balancing humanity and technology, and best practices re: mobile and social technology. Connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more. You can also find her on Twitter: @PopGoesPenina, Facebook: Socially Speaking LLC, Google+ at The NICE Initiative for Female Entrepreneurship, and Pinterest and YouTube as well.
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