Selling the Entrepreneurial Dream: It’s All About Attitude!

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

— Oprah Winfrey

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

— Christopher Columbus

Yesterday was (Christopher) Columbus Day in America, something I wrote about in my latest Tumblr post, where I recalled 3 lessons I learned based on his famous quote above. Lessons I learned from my best friend and mentor, Dr. Nechah Hochstein, who started to lose her 3 year battle with breast cancer 2 years ago this week. She passed away in December 2012, leaving a legacy of service and teachings which still have ripple effects today.

Nechah lived her life with this credo:

It’s all about attitude! 

Her last request of me was that I write my book, The NICE Reboot, and imbue it with her message.

So I did.

My book is a tribute to her mentorship, and my blueprint for balancing humanity and technology in the iEra. It’s a succinct guide to selling the entrepreneurial dream and building a better version of yourself, with tips for the digital learner, an iPad Cheat Sheet style chapter re: productivity Apps and misc. presentation Apps, and a manual for redefining leadership and success in today’s startup culture.

Today’s startup culture demands a different kind of entrepreneur, and a different approach to delivering a service/product. Apple understands this well, which is why the October 16 Apple Event is all about selling experiences. It’s something I’ve understood as well, which is why I named my 2009 startup Socially Speaking LLC and chose these two company mottos for it:

• Try the Socially Speaking™ Experience!

• Join the Journey for Change! 

Why? To create my personal brand,  and to wield a specific kind of influence.

A person’s influence results from a coalescence of factors, one of which is ATTITUDE; online and offline. No matter what their location, industry, product/service, or background is. It affects every decision (based on outlook) and every behavior (based on action) one engages in. Especially re: these areas today’s entrepreneur needs to stay on top of – every step of the journey!

Productivity. Being tech-savvy and exercising good time management are essential!

Product/service deployment. Having a methodical, sequential plan of action is key!

Mentorship (real or virtual) and thought leadership. Not just to “pay it forward” for a select few, but because it leads to increased collective, shared purpose, more agile ecosystems, and communal benefits and social good for all.

Stress management. One’s attitude is integral to the work/life balance seesaw and the course-corrections one makes to manage stress along the entrepreneurial journey. That’s why I’m a huge fan of using humor and regular intervals of “digital detox” to ensure that I don’t get derailed; online and offline.

I will speak more about showcasing one’s attitude and brand in real life and in social media, in Roseland, NJ on 10/28/14. I’ll be a panelist for this Generate Buzz LLC evening event, “Creating Your Personal Brand”.

I will be “walking the walk” tonight, 10/14/14,  when I attend this women entrepreneurship/leadership evening event at Montclair University.

I will be “talking the talk” when I network and present my book at this full day event in Manhattan, the “NY Business Expo” on 10/30/14.

I want to end with this terrific post and video, which hits home the importance of attitude. Six adorable children in second grade were recently filmed, trying new foods at a fancy Manhattan restaurant, and their reactions are priceless! Enjoy 🙂



P.S. Thanks to Alan Ristić on Twitter for posting the funny rhino photo!

Columbus Attitude









About penina4niceinitiative

Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH, CEO of Socially Speaking LLC, is the author of "The NICE Reboot: A Guide to Becoming a Better Female Entrepreneur". She is an Autism specialist and educational technology consultant turned social entrepreneur. She is also a pediatric speech therapist and the creator of the Socially Speaking™ Program & iPad App. Her second book, "Autism Intervention in the iEra" was published in 2015. Since 2010, Penina has been a national/international speaker about social communication development, balancing humanity and technology, and best practices re: mobile and social technology. Connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more. You can also find her on Twitter: @PopGoesPenina, Facebook: Socially Speaking LLC, Google+ at The NICE Initiative for Female Entrepreneurship, and Pinterest and YouTube as well.
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